Thank you my dearest Pau

Hi Baby, happy one year of knowing you! 😀

Yep. That was December 21. Nung una mo kong makita and na-inlove ng husto sa akin.

Who would have known na sa lugar na yun eh magkikita tayong dalawa, magkakakilala at after ay magiging boyfriend kita.

no regrets at all Pau. 🙂
If God would allow me to have the same activity as December 21, 2014. Then I will surely do the same and exact thing. I’ll wear that blue dress again and will wait patiently sa Jollibee just for you to see me.

Thank you for risking the possibility to ask me out, to try if we can work out.
Kasi obviously, it’s working naman. We may have the toughest and roughest situation at the moment, or pwedeng parating pa lang sya.
There are times na pwedeng masabi natin na pagod na tayo or ayawan na, but I am really praying na instead of giving up, we would choose to stay, to hold on, to fight and to live with each other.

This day is something na gusto ko talaga i-cherish… Kasi nakilala kita, nalaman ko yung past mo, nalaman ko pakonti konti yung mga bagay na tungkol sayo. And whatever may come, gusto kong malaman mo na I will always accept you wholeheartedly. I love you so much my dearest Pau.

You will always be included in my prayers.

Cheers to more years to come!

Happy 1 year of knowing you!12033582_1681810518709314_2070477289_n


My fear, my issues.

I am currently in a relationship right now, which others may think as almost perfect but once you get deeper, you’ll know that it’s not. Cause it’s really complicated. Really really complicated. Lot of lies that are needed to be told, but none of us, includes me, is willing to expose. I don’t know what are his reasons, but mine is FEAR.

Fear of losing him, and fear of being away from him. 😦

Bucket List

To have a book written by Lang Leav. 🙂 I’ve been seeing her book in the internet for so long, and now that she releases another book, which is Lullabies, I would like to have one. Much better if it’s both. Lol. – My Bae (Irene) gave me the Love and Misadventure book as a birthday gift, and I am really happy! 🙂

The ultimate goal of every Christian. To read the entire bible. This will be one of my goal before I turn 30. :p

I’m a bassist, but the funny thing is that I don’t have one. And hopefully, I would be able to buy myself a bass guitar, a present from someone will do. 😀

To visit a lot of Museum and try to understand them Well, I’ve been to Museums before, during our field trip in our school. But I would like to visit again, and fully understand everything about it. Here are the list of Museums that I want to visit / revisit:
Pinto Art Museum
National Museum of the Philippines
Metropolitan Museum of Manila
Ayala Museum
Bencab Museum
Baguio Museum
The Mind Museum

Museums that I visited this year (2015): -Aguinaldo Shrine (June 20, 2015)

To learn how to ride a bike

After learning how to bike, I would like to explore Bataan through biking. Oh yeah!

To learn how to swim.

To attend a Christian concert, like Hillsong, Jesus Culture and many more!!!

To enjoy Tagaytay, enjoy means to really enjoy it! I almost forgot that Tagaytay is included in the list. Well, yey for me, cause I will now cross this one out! Last June 11, with my boyfriend, we visited Tagaytay and rode 2 rides. 1 is zipline and the other one is something similar with the Anchor’s away of EK. I am really really happy to experience that!!! (June 11, 2015) Next goal is to be back there and ride the Sky Eye in Tagaytay, since it was closed when we visited there.

To visit Baguio thanks to my everdearest Pawu for bringing me to Baguio to celebrate our first anniversary. Feb 11 to 14, 2016

To learn how to play piano/organ…

To ride an airplane… Done! Though it was just a local trip with family, we went to Davao.

To volunteer in an orphanage or anything -last Dec 21, 2014, a friend of mine invited me to visit an orphanage for elderly. We had different programs and activity for them. We also give them some small gifts. 🙂 T’was a fulfilling day indeed!

to start my own business!!!

to have our own house

to ride a car…kidding! to learn how to drive

to hike more mountaiiiins
Most especially, Mt. Pulag

to  be in a managerial level. to have a successful career

to spend an overnight trip with someone that I love! yeah!!! My dearest bf fulfilled this bucket list!!! not just 1 overnight but one hell of a kind 3 days and 2 night trip with him! That was November 27,28,29,30 in Zambales!

to visit another country, much better if it’s with my family or someone that I love most!

Work Rant

This is about me.

My thoughts for little things, ignored things, common things and big things.

This is a random feelings… You know, it could be about happiness? sadness? rants? hates? confusion? As in everything and anything!


I don’t know, guess I just need this to atleast exposed what I’m really feeling now.

I really don’t know where I am going. You know? I have my job, but the thing is, I’m not sure if this is something that I would like to be or to be with until next year, next month, next day or tomorrow. I don’t see myself sitting here for another 9 hours a day and 5 days a week. I agree that I’m blessed for having this stable job. I have my salary every 13th and 28th of the month. I can have 13th month at the end of the year. I don’t have to work every Saturday and Sunday. I have a great boss and team, but everything is really nothing if after doing some evaluation, you’ll find yourself being unhappy, simply because you can’t be happy.

Gift giving :)

To receive the following is my wish list for the month of December. 🙂

1. Book written by Lang Leav.
I would love to have the book but not by buying it with my own money. haha. I’m hoping that someone will give me the book as a gift.
I know. I am being demanding here. Lols!

2. Art and Craft materials.
like papers, tapes, pen or anything related to it. This is my hobby and my stress reliever as well. 🙂

3. Notebooks!!!
Not just an ordinary notebook, but a kind of notebook that looks different. Vintage looks or Tribal.

4. Accessories!
Give me more, give me more!!! or beads will do. I can make mine just give me the resources needed. 😀

5. Travel.
If only I can…if only…if only… 😦

6. Anything related to Bohemian, Boho, Gypsies.

7. Smartphone.
Not really my priority. :p
but it would be good if someone will give me this as a gift.